Anaerobic Digestion Technology Is A Cleaner Solution Without The Pollution.


jfs-associates-jfs-anaerobic-digestion-stokesleyJFS & Associates Ltd is a young and ambitious company developing anaerobic digestion and biogas projects in the UK. We aim to bring a refreshing and unique approach to this sector by providing a good customer service and a wide range of expertise in this field.
From our base in North Yorkshire, the company aims to build, own and operate 25+ plants by 2020.
We offer an experienced service on:

- Cost and project management
- Finance and relationships management
- Engineering
- Operations maintenance

The skilled team can fully capitalise on the huge opportunities anaerobic digestion creates currently in the UK. With JFS & Associates Ltd as the development partner with farmers, technology suppliers and financiers. The project is developed as a joint venture whether it is on a farm scale site or a large-scale industrial plant.

JFS & Associates LTD is backed by TATA Steel subsidiary UK Steel enterprise. Since starting the business in 2011, numerous sites have been successfully passed by planning and are in construction stages. JFS & Associates Ltd is always looking for similar companies to associate with and further expand into the sector that offer huge opportunities for all.

bulbYou can save money in the long term by switching to our technology.
recycleBy treating food or agricultural waste in our Anaerobic Digesters we produce electricity, natural fertiliser and dispose of waste in a safe and sustainable way.
By bringing a refreshing and unique approach and skill set to the sector, JFS Associates aim to build, own and operate Anaerobic Digestion Plants. Our aim is to work closely with Farmers & Land owners to facilitate the development of biogas plants using farm waste.

Matthew Flint

JFS & Associates